The profit engine for e-grocers

Earth-friendly grocery deliveries

Three breakthrough solutions
that transform user experience and grocer profitability

Flexible slots ©

  • Revolutionizes the slot reservation experience by letting each customer customize the size of their delivery slot
  • Enables the booking of slots that are not available
  • Significantly reduces the CO2 emissions of deliveries

OR Booking Engine

  • Always-On Booking gives your best customers constant slot availability, even when capacity is sold out
  • Smart Booking significantly increases grocer profitability
  • Demand-Driven Booking intelligently adjusts booking configurations based on predicted demand

OR Loyalty

  • A groundbreaking tool to build customer loyalty and increase grocer profitability
  • Introduces a mechanism to increase purchase frequency and basket value without additional marketing costs for the grocer
  • OR Loyalty becomes a free insurance policy for customers in times of extreme demand

Open Routing delivers three major benefits to online grocers

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Higher profitability

Up to 20% more net margin from the same delivery capacity

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Higher loyalty of your best customers

More flexibility and available slots for your best customers

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More delivery capacity

Up to 15% more deliveries with the same fleet


OR Booking Engine offers several critical features that help grocers better manage operations in times of extreme-demand while continuing to provide quality services to its best customers.

Flexible limits

Number of deliveries as limit

Prevents exceeding the maximum deliveries of the delivery fleet

Number of product lines, SKUs or items as limit

Prevents exceeding the fulfillment capacity of the grocer

Number of boxes as limit

Prevents exceeding the maximum volume of delivery vans

in extreme demand

OR Loyalty ©

Transformative feature to build customer loyalty and increase basket sizes. Eligible customers can automatically reserve slots in advance

Recurring reservations

Slot reservations are automatically generated based on predefined frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) with flexible release policies set by the grocer.

Multiple slot reservations for one customer

Ensuring weekly deliveries in extreme demand requires support for multiple reservations of one customer

About Us

Open Routing is a technology company with online grocery DNA. It has been established by a founder of the largest online grocery service in Central & Eastern Europe. The uniqueness of our platform comes from both an intrinsic understanding of grocery e-commerce and technical excellence. Open Routing technology powers the e-commerce and logistical operations of the two largest players on the online grocery market in CEE.

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